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About Me

My name is Brittani Proctor, I am 29 years old, I am also a Wife and a Mommy to 3 children. I am originally from a small town in California but Moved to Colorado in January of 2014 and never looked back after falling in love with it here.

Photography was something I fell in love with when I was about 10 years old. Of course I was just in love with cameras and taking silly photos at that time. Then I started to actually see the beauty in things and was starting to capture real moments. I remember starting with just trees, snowfall pictures, wild horses, flowers, sunsets and whatever else stood out. I believe I was a Senior in Highschool when I actually started to get more serious and wanted to be more involved in photography. I had an okay camera but soon I realized how much they cost to have a GREAT one. I got my first REAL camera (something more than a couple hundred dollars) in December of 2019 and was able to get some amazing photos, but of course, it wasn't enough so again, I upgraded and since then have grown so much in my Photo taking and my editing skills. I've put so many hours into watching videos on editing and how to pose clients to make sure that I am providing the best experience for my clients. 

On march 19th 2021, I decided that I wanted Photography to be my career. I started my LLC. and began working towards building a clientele. From the first client I ever had to all of the clients I have now, thank you so much for helping me build my business and become better at doing what I love. I'm so thankful for each and every one of you. If you are not yet a client of mine but would like to be, message me, I would love to capture your special moments. 

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